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Posted 13/2/2014

Several Spanish institutions supports REPCET!

In prospect of spreading the system in Spain in 2014, REPCET got the official support from the Spanish Ministry of Environment, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
A good omen before organising a meeting with ANAVE, the association of Spanish ship owners, to present them the REPCET system.
Posted 15/1/2014

2014 ENSM Training Course

For the 10th year, the "Commercial shipping and cetaceans: What stakes? How to improve relations?" training course will take place at the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime" (French National Superior Shipping School) of Marseille on March 28, 2014. Find all information and the registration form here.
Posted 20/12/2013Armateurs de France updates its

Armateurs de France updates its "Charte Bleue »

Armateurs de France updates its "Charte Bleue pour un transport durable et responsable". This document defines environmental values shared by french ship owners. This new version includes the protection of cetaceans, especially within the Pelagos Sanctuary, and recommends “to study the feasibility of equipping ships with safety devices to avoid collisions (like REPCET)“.

This charter gives rise to a presentation of Trophy, and this year the winner is La Méridionale.
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