A tool that allows ships to avoid collisions with large marine mammals.

REPCET® is the first on-board computer system able to monitor whale positions thanks to a 10 years collaboration with shipping companies, environmental actors and engineers. Its aim is to limit the risk of ship strikes, one of the leading causes of accidental mortality of large cetaceans.

Ship strikes between ships and large cetaceans are accidents of great concern. In the North-Western Mediterranean Sea, 16 to 20% of whales found dead were involved in a ship strikes. Limiting risks implies to raise awareness, gain a better understanding of the problem and develop technological solutions.

The REPCET® software has been designed to preserve cetacean populations and ensure passengers’ safety on board. The REPCET® system allows reporting, sharing and receiving in real time the sighted cetacean positions within a network of subscribers. Today, 39 vessels are equipped with the system and actively participate in the smooth running of the network. Five institutions are also equipped with the shore interface.

A 2 hours training is provided to bring knowledge to the crew members about collisions and cetacean identification.

REPCET® software prevents collisions between vessels and large cetaceans and so contributes to the cetacean conservation and passenger security.


REPCET® training courses, a studious summer!

New vessels have been equipped with the REPCET® software and training is being provided. At the beginning of August, we boarded the MN Colibri of the Compagnie Maritime Nantaise for a two hours training courses taught in English. First, the six officers who attended the training learned to use the REPCET® system and then learned […]

The 2019 REPCET® fleet

The REPCET® fleet now includes 39 vessels and 5 organizations equipped with the land-based system. Since July 1st 2017, Article 106 of the Law for the Reconquest of Biodiversity, Nature and Landscapes requires certain vessels flying the French flag to be equipped with a system for identifying and sharing cetacean positions. The REPCET® system meets […]

The 2018 observations report will soon be available

The great REPCET Network sent 1825 observations. These observations are shared in real time with all the equipped ships and allow to anticipate an encounter with an animal. The raw data are being analyzed and the 2018 report will soon be available. Last year, 911 observations were made.


Collect new data to enhance knowledge of fin whale and sperm whale movements in the Pelagos Sanctuary and improve the system.

raising awareness of the problematic of ship strikes and raising awareness of cetacean identification among seagoing personnel.

REPCET® software has been designed to preserve cetacean populations and ensure passenger safety on board on ferries.