REPCET simulator

If you work on board a car ferry, cargo ship or a cruise ship, on the bridge, try out the REPCET system using this simulator. Record your whale sightings to inform the other vessels in the network, consult the map of last known sightings, increase the watch in high risk zones, consult the «whale forecast» using the presence prediction models… in short, REPCET as if you were there!


1. Choose the name of your vessel.
2. Use the “map” tab to keep an eye on the risk zones and consult the presence prediction model. Place the mouse pointer over a sighting and an information bubble will appear providing details of the observation.
3. Use the “observation” tab to inform the other vessels of the presence of a cetacean. The position of the animal is entered as bearing and distance relative to the vessel, either by using the relative positioning tool on the left, or by manually filling in the fields on the right. Select the species and number of individuals. Any additional observations can be entered in the “remarks” box. Send your observation and return to the map to view the corresponding risk zone.

IMPORTANT: The simulator is a simplified version of the system. Vessel speed and other parameters influencing whale distribution and risk zones are not realistic but have been adjusted for educational purposes. The visuals are not contractual.